A day in the life of a Lagosian.

Lagos, Center of Excellence, the city that never sleeps, The city that is known as Nigeria’s Paris. Everyone want to live in Lagos, they want to taste it, to know what it’s like to be a lagosian. No one knows how hard it is to survive in the center of Excellence, they’d think it’s pure bliss till they finally enter.

Going out in Lagos is quite hectic when you have a car and it’s worse when You don’t have one.

You need to wake up as early as possible so you can get to Work on time and escape the wrath of the great Lagos traffic. This worked for a while until people knew the scope and decided to do it. Many lagosian believe “waking up as early as possible and hit the road to beat the traffic” is the way, so they all wake up early trying to beat the traffic only to start building traffic from 6 in the morning.

This is based on if you have a car, if you don’t, you’d have to hustle for bus, I know it’s funny but it’s true. Most mornings, buses to take you to your place of work would be very limited, and if it’s a popular place that you are going to,places like Ajah,Obalende, Oshodi, Yaba, you’d have quite a number of people going that way so you’d have to hustle for bus.

Hustling for bus is struggling to enter the only available bus going to your area. Phones and money can be stolen while trying to struggle. Remember you have your work clothes on, different hands would touch you while they are trying to enter the bus, some would even push you by mistake, and your work attire has been ruined.

‘Wole pelu change e o’ is another big problem. Bus conductors are very impatient when they don’t have enough change to go round. They’d easily get angry and would want to pick a fight with you at anytime and any day. Most times they’d pair you up with some other person and sometimes they’d zoom off with your change.

You can’t stay a day without wanting to curse out someone, because they tend to frustrate you with everything that they do.

After a very stressful day at work, you’d be walking under the very hot sun,( sometimes I wonder what we did to offend the sun) sweating like a Christmas goat, a reckless driver would just splash water on your body, with their tyres, or sometimes a random people would hit you by the shoulder and still say “*you no Dey see road abi?” *

You’d want to rip their heads off their necks and step on it, but you’d have to be calm, because everybody na alaye for Lagos. You don’t know who is who, and if you try to argue, you’d regret it at the end of the day.

ATM inLagos,Nigeria

You’d want to get small money from the ATM, maybe for dinner after a stressful day but on getting there, there’s a long queue and you’d have to wait at the back of the 15th person. Most times it seems as though the line was not moving so you’d want to check out the nearest ATM, getting there only to find out that their queue is longer than the previous one. And if you decide to go back to the previous ATM but 20 more people have taken your spot, so you’d have to wait extra minutes before you can withdraw.

After getting the money, you get to a nearby market only to find out that the prices of food stuff have tripled. In the course of walking around and pricing foodstuff you develop a head ache and thankfully you have 100 Naira extra to spend for Panadol and pure water but the problem is, you can’t find a pharmacy, every corner you pass you’d fine a betting shop but no pharmacy, you’d finally give up and walk home.

Finally at home getting ready to relax and enjoy your meal but then nepa takes the light. First thing that comes to your mind is to put on the Generator but you remember that the fuel finished the day before and you’d have to buy fuel, but you have only the 100 naira meant for Panadol and the POS at the filling station isn’t functioning.

‘At least there’s peace and quiet’ you’d think but exactly 5 mins later,people starts putting on their _ I better pass my neighbor _ Generator, every where becomes noisy and you cannot even eat in peace and think straight.

You finally sleep in heat, hoping that Nepa would bring the light back, only to wake up and start the exact same process all over again.

I’m not saying that there isn’t anything good about Lagos, of course there is, the parties never stops. There’s about two or three parties per day in Lagos, and they are usually generous with their food, so you can just enter a party, sit and eat for free. They are amazing sites too, like private and public beaches, Amusement parks, museum and the great TBS.

At the end of the day, Lagos is still the best city on the map.

Èkó óní bàjé o.


  1. Amazing but you watered down the hustle In our beloved Lagos.. One would love to hear about The ordeals of computer village, one would also want to hear about the agbero who wakes up by 4 am just to collect phones and cash of early riders and passengers in the streets, what about drivers who will pass your junction just for you to be moped by group of coordinated criminals, public shows and events are dens of thieves, the one chance sienna vehiclescan not be written off, the money doublers in pastors suites are always in the street looking for a jjc…. The list goes on….
    Big ups as you help enlighten those coming in

  2. Dayum!!😂😂😂😂. Beautiful piece!!! No better way to describe the crazy side of Lagos; and some people be thinking it rains Benz everyday😂😂😂😂. It’s the “ẹ wole pẹlu change” for me😂. Most times you’ll hear “una go marry o”; meaning two people who are supposed to collect change would be merged together and it’s usually stressful having to go from one place to the other to look for change so you both can go your separate ways😣😣😖. In all, Lagos is really cool, just go out take a walk, enjoy the night life, try not to turn down party invitations (safety first); mingle with the right set of people and you’re good to go. We laugh it’s not “headache overdose” all the time. Beautiful piece Ella❤

  3. O baje ti😂😂
    To survive in Lagos, we need to have a multi personality, switching from Tush, to agbero, to normal setting… Survival kit pro max ✔

  4. Lagos is a place that intricately describes survival of the fittest and I enjoyed reading this article. I would have loved to hear more about hustling in Lagos because most people including myself believe that Lagos is the Hustling capital of the world and if you can live in Lagos, you can live anywhere because of this claim. A wonderful article

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