Bus Stories >>> Thrift Collector

You see that Obalende motor garàge? It is full of different kinds of people on a different mission.You gotta stay woke when taking that route in Lagos.I remember how my phone was gently removed from my pocket back then and how I



For the first time in my almost 30years on earth, I was seeing a gentle bus conductor.He was smartly dressed and had good accents. He smelt nice too, unlike our regular danfo conductors. He actually made it look like a white collar



Today, 8th of March 2021 is International Women’s Day.This day is globally recorgnised as one of the most important days of the year as we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.Marked annually, the 8th day in the month


BUS STORIES >> A Name or A Landmark

On this Particular day, I was heading to McCarthy street at Obalende in Lagos Nigeria, I’d been instructed to get to Oshodi and then board Obalende bus. So when I got to Oshodi, there were no buses at the bus garage, but


What do you call your mask?

Have you ever wondered what exactly we are covering with the mask since the covid-19 virus hit the world?Seeing people wear the mask in different form and styles keeps me asking myself every time, if it is actually a Nose mask, Face

Burna Against Obagoal

Burna against Obagoal?You see, there are some comparisons that are so lame to think of, let alone talk about.I can’t tell exactly what the issue was (we are yet to confirm the real gist) but it all started on Twitter last night,


HG2 FILMS Premiers New Video “VIBES”

There are two words that must go together henceforth. You wanna guess?IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF you can try.Errrmmm…🤔 You’re sweating already, so let me help you.Two words that must go together from now on are; Cruise and VIBES!🎼If you got it