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On this Particular day, I was heading to McCarthy street at Obalende in Lagos Nigeria, I’d been instructed to get to Oshodi and then board Obalende bus.

So when I got to Oshodi, there were no buses at the bus garage, but I met a few people waiting for Obalende bus as well, so I joined the gang. Finally, bus showed up and everybody rushed to get in. As I was about to do same, I heard conductor shouting; Adeniji mà wólé o! (Adeniji don’t enter o).

Out of shock, I quickly stepped back and started wondering what my family members have done this time. I didn’t want to ask conductor why, so I don’t get arrested for a crime I didn’t commit. Whilst waiting and wondering, I tried calling my dad to ask him questions but couldn’t reach him.Shortly, another bus came, Conductor was shouting; Obalende! Obalende!! So I jumped in quickly.

Whilst waiting for other passengers to fill up the bus, conductor started shouting; Adeniji bólé o (Adeniji get down o), I said ah! Then I quietly excused myself from the bus. This time, I was almost in tears.In my mind, I had decided to go back home after a last try, but thank God. A bus ordained to take me finally arrived, conductor was only shouting; Obalende #150! Wólé pélú change o (Enter with your change), so I entered and sat quietly. I kept wondering what offence my people committed in Lagos, Lo and Behold! The moment we crossed Third Mainland Bridge, conductor started shouting; Adeniji! Adeniji!! His eyes were fixed on me (or so I thought), I did not answer o, but I was praying really hard in my heart sha….I silently said; Father, let this cup pass over me.Ah! Lord have mercy! I later found out ‘ *Adeniji* ‘ is a bus stop on the Island (not only my surname).Then I remembered the scripture that says; My people perish for lack of knowledge.

This happened in 2009 when I just relocated to Lagos fully, you can bet I know better now.😉

My name is Temileyi Adeniji

Credit; @busstoryworld

Buss stories is a weekly write up by Temileyi Adeniji an Author at HG2 Online Magazine

Temileyi Adeniji

A creative Content Writer and Social Media/PR personnel.
Even though Temileyi is a certified Banking & Finance graduate from University of Benin, She discovered her passion for creative Arts and TV/Radio Presentation in 2013 and ever since then, she has been pursuing her passion with focus which has made her a sought after Creative.

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