For the first time in my almost 30years on earth, I was seeing a gentle bus conductor.
He was smartly dressed and had good accents. He smelt nice too, unlike our regular danfo conductors. He actually made it look like a white collar job.

“Ma’am, can I have your money please”? He said it almost like a whisper to the lady beside me. She handed her transport fare to him.
We all gave him our money and he gave us our balance without much ado.
He talked like he didn’t like noise.

After sometime, he got down from the bus, waved at us all and mixed in the crowd.
“Your conductor is nice, he must be an igbo guy”, I said to the driver from the back seat. ” Yes! He’s so calm and coordinated” another lady in front added.

Who? the driver asked. “Your conductor” the woman beside me replied.
“Ah! I no get conductor o. I dey do my thing myself”, the driver said smiling.
The young man who just alighted, I added. No na! How that kind person go be conductor?

Na passenger like una o, I carry am for junction, driver said.
One woman behind shouted; But he collected our money at the back o. The bus screeched and stopped immediately.
Wetin una talk? Who collect una money? The driver asked harshly.

“Your conductor” we all chorused.
Driver got down from the bus and started shouting; I go slap person for here o, una gimme conductor? Abi na wetin be all this rubbish na? Make una gimme my money biko, the driver roared. We didn’t even move an inch.

We all refused to pay initially, but when the driver became violent, some of us paid, and some others alighted and walked away.
Driver tried to get his money from everybody but this is Lagos, one chance is packaged in different form.

The problem is not just about the guy’s calmness plus fraudulent act. My major concern is, where did he get all the change he gave us? And then the guts? I am tired of Nigeria! Infact, I am tired of Lagos!!

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Temileyi Adeniji

A creative Content Writer and Social Media/PR personnel.
Even though Temileyi is a certified Banking & Finance graduate from University of Benin, She discovered her passion for creative Arts and TV/Radio Presentation in 2013 and ever since then, she has been pursuing her passion with focus which has made her a sought after Creative.

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