BUS STORIES>>> The Matter

Oyingbo! Oyingbo!!
That was what I heard before jumping into the bus as it kept on moving. Even though I wasn’t going to Oyingbo, I was sure the bus would pass through Yabà which was my exact destination. There were two more seats left to fill up the bus, so conductor kept shouting.

Before we ascended the Oshodi bridge, an old man joined the bus. He was dressed in a native attire and had a small travel bag in his hand.
Shortly after the bridge, another passenger (a woman) whom I guess is a trader also joined us.

Bus got filled up. Conductor shut the door and attempted to sit when the lady by the door pushed him to get up.
Conductor removed his mask and shouted; Wetin happen? Lady said; “Social Distance”. Conductor asked her; So I no go siddon? The lady didn’t answer him.

In actual sense, the small buses were supposed to carry two passengers per row, but with the conductor, that makes three people on that row. And that’s why the lady complained. Although, her sudden silence was because conductor removed his mask to question her. Danger Alert.❌😂

On this particular day, there was bus scarcity (reason I joined Oyingbo bus instead of waiting for the one going straight to Yabà).
Since the lady could not alight due to bus scarcity, she decided to stay mute. Shortly,
conductor started asking for our fare. Owo dá?

He reminded us that Yabà fare is #300 while Oyingbo is #400, so we started passing our money to him. The old man that joined the bus before Oshodi bridge was already asleep, conductor beckoned on someone to help wake him up.
Then he asked; Baba owo dá?

Old man asked how much? Conductor repeated the fare charges. Baba then asked; Oshogbo nko? (How about Oshogbo?).
Conductor said; Oshogbo báwo? (Oshogbo as how?). The old man asked how much are they charging for Oshogbo.
Oshogbo ke? Driver exclaimed and parked!😩

Conductor explained; Baba, this bus is not going to Oshogbo , we are going to “Yabà / Oyingbo”. Old man said he heard conductor shouting Oshogbo and that’s why he joined the bus. A woman beside baba tried to interfere but baba shut her up.

Driver asked baba why he thinks this kind of bus is going to Oshogbo, baba said he thought it is Só lé (Road side picks)😂
He insisted he heard conductor shouting Oshogbo. We started begging baba to alight and go to motor garàge to join Oshogbo bus, baba no gree o.🤦🏾‍♀️

Baba said driver must take him back to where they picked him from. We were already at Obanikoro fa! Conductor sef tire because old people matter dey hard to settle.
Driver got confused. Passengers sef weak.😩
How can we settle this MATTER?🤷🏾‍♀️

Bus Stories is a weekly column by Temileyi Adeniji

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