Car Wahala with Cahill

Having a car comes as both a blessing and a problem, of course you get to travel around in the comfort of an AC, without having to pay for it. Having a car means we don’t have to stress anybody before we can go anywhere, we wouldn’t have to beg anyone to lend their car, or for transport fare, or arguing with bus conductors for change.

Generally, having a car, avoids _see finish_.

But, having a car means, having to take care of the car, and if anything spoils? Big _wahala_.

I remember when I had to go to Eko Hotel for a friend’s birthday party, I live around _iyana ipaja_ so I had to drive all the way from _iyana ipaja_.

At around 11am, We were on the express on _oshodi_ road when the break failed,the car started moving with speed and we couldn’t stop it, but thank God for the battery, the car stopped when we almost hit a bus.

We tried starting the car several times but it didn’t start, usually when we have issues like this, we’d just assume that the terminals weren’t well connected to the battery, so we’d usually use a stone to hit it, to make it tight but it was different this time, it stopped coming on.

Few minutes later, (we were still on the main road) some _agberos_ (thugs) showed up, the started praising us, because we were dressed like we were going for the oscars, (don’t blame us, it’s eko hotel, you have to be classy).

They concluded that it was a problem that a re-wire could solve by just looking at it, so they helped us call a re-wire.

They called one that brought another battery and they tried to use it to start the car, but it was starting and stoping, the re-wire gave up and left, he said it’s “alternator issue”

The _agbero boys_ decided to hunt for another re-wire, In my mind I was like, “how much would they want to collect from me now”

Thankfully they found another re-wire that was also a mechanic, he immediately detected the issue and he said we had to push it to his shop.

The _agbero boys_ (thugs) said they’d help us push it, while the mechanic controlled the steering.

Getting to his shop, it was time to settle the boys, I gave my brother 1000 naira to give them, they started complaining,
“Ahn ahn, big girl like you”,

“Aunty see as you fine, you no fit do us better”,

“bros, as you fresh like this so, you no fit look me dash me 1k,”

“ahh, after the work wey we don do, we leave our market, to help you, Aunty settle us well now”,

I had to double it, cause the mechanic said if they didn’t leave there at that moment, they Would have stolen something from the car. After giving them, the left immediately but not without grumbling.

The mechanic explained to us that we had a faulty alternator so it can’t charge the car battery, and we have to get to _ladipo_(a particular market in Lagos state, where car parts are sold) to get it fixed. He said it would cost 7k to fix it and 5k for his services.

I asked him for a duration, and he just said we would be out in one hour, he said,

“ na to just remove the alternator, carry am go ladipo, dem go fix am sharp sharp, pata pata one hour”.

I checked the time, it was 12pm, the party starts at 2pm so we still had time to meet up with it.

He started loosening it, he tried and tried but it was too tight, so he said he wanted to get spanner across the road, that we should sit in his shop and wait for him.

One hour later, he wasn’t back with the spanner, I tried calling the number he put on the door of his kiosk, but he didn’t pick.

After 2 hours, he came back, without a reasonable explanation, I was too pissed but I had to be patient because he was helping me fix my car.

After removing it, we had to go to _ladipo_, it was crowded,people pricing things,buying things and being pushy,like a typical Lagos market.

We got to the repairer’s shop,and he said it was 12k to repair, we started pricing till he finally agreed to do it for 10k ,after spend another 1 1/2 hours there he finally finished.

We came back,by the time the mechanic was done fixing the car, it was evening already, 4:30 to be precise.

We spent another 30 mins arguing price of workmanship with the mechanic,so we left there at around 5pm and we headed back home because it was too late to finish the car.

Having a car is like a dream come true, but can we maintain it? Car maintenance can be grueling at times,but it’s the price we all have to pay for having a car.


  1. Wonderful piece.

    Sometimes when I see my dad treating his car like a baby I get pissed…. Like, even before the car ‘coughs for servicing, he would have done the servicing.
    But now I think I know better, preventive maintenance is key and really really important.
    A lot of young people out there do not even know what it means to maintain a car, they just use and use and use

  2. That is why I can never get a car before I build my house , shelter should come first, then the car can follow, atleast I will know my budget is not going to be too squeezing to spend towards it. Cos car nah another wife.

  3. Nice write up, having a car has its pros and cons but the advantage always outwears its disadvantages. Always check your car a day before going out to avoid missing out especially if you have somewhere important to be.

  4. I can totally take care of car if I had one, saw my dad always do it and still he does today. Great piece. This is what car owners mean when they say buying it isn’t a problem taking care of it is. Looking forward to more pieces. Also, wahala for who no sabi Eko Hotel

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