First time in computer village.

Recently, I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw a tweet.

“This is my first time in computer village, any advice guys?”

I immediately replied, “if you can cello tape your phone to your chest, please do it” not because I knew anything about computer village because I had never been there, but i heard stories about their acts, how they pick pocket, stealing people’s phone and money, or any other valuables, so I concluded that it was populated by thieves and scammers and developed a phobia for computer village.

Less than a week later, my brother’s phone had touch pad issues so he had to get it fixed at computer village, also, I had to follow him because he needed a phone to link up with the person that would repair it.

I was skeptical at first because I could not afford to loose my phone but finally agreed after a while.

On getting there, there were people everywhere, and they were squeezed up like a can of sardines. They had to push themselves before they could pass.

On both sides, there were different shops and stalls, a few were selling pastries and sodas, majority sold gadgets of different shapes and sizes. Marketers everywhere, looking for customers to patronize them,among them were scammers also looking for people to swindle, sadly you cannot tell the difference.

I also noticed that they had a common habit of touching people to get their attention

“Aunty, you want good phones? Better Tokunbo laptops with enough space?”

“Fine girl, come and see your iPhone, for big girls like you, you want good USB? 32gb ram? Check my shop, very cheap”

And when you try to shun them, or tell them you don’t like being touched, they’d flip.

“Watin Dey do this one sef, you be princess wey I no fit touch you”

“I carry shit for hand?”

“Abeg commot from here, you no even fine sef”

Basically anything that would make you feel bad, in cases like this, I’ve been told to Ignore, so that’s what I did.

I held on to my phone like it was my life support as I walked through that crowd. You’d think it’s crazy but it’s safer than putting it in your pocket or a backpack or bag, because it’s rowdy, so if anything is taken from your pocket, it would take a while before you realize, even if you are wearing the tightest trouser on earth, also I heard from some stories that they can tear your bag with a knife and you wouldn’t be aware, or they can zip your bag…and take your property. Other option is wearing your backpack in front,

But I wasn’t going to repair a laptop, so there was no need for a bag.

We finally got there, it was the passage of the ground floor of a building, on both sides there were little tables and chairs, with laptops and some tools, like tiny screw drivers, some screws, a blade and a small plastic with a flat edge, there were also so dismantled phones and chargers scattered everywhere.

Generator sounding everywhere and people pretending like the sound wasn’t disturbing, people walking in between the tables to an unknown destination.

While the tech guy was fixing my brother’s phone, I decided to look at my surroundings, I noticed that there were shops that sold only laptops, there were those specialized in repairing phones and there were some specialized in flashing phones and most importantly, there was no network, I thought, why was there no network in a computer village?

While I was observing, someone ran pass me with what felt like the speed of light, I also heard some one asked “why is he running now” another person said “ e don fo thief person phone” just there and then I discovered that I had loosen my grip on my phone and I tightened it immediately.

After my brother’s touch pad was fixed, the tech guy told us that we had to flash the phone because the touch pad disabled the phone, he explained that because it’s an iPhone, once the screen is broken, the touch pad start misbehaving and it can disable the phone, (which I later discovered that it was a tactic to get us to spend more) So we had to wait extra one hour to rectify the issue, after it was done we left the place, but not without pushing ourselves out of the crowd.

All I can say is that, it’s not really a bad place if we learn to keep our properties safe. I’m glad I went because it helped to cure my phobia for computer village.


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