HG2 FILMS Premiers New Video “VIBES”

There are two words that must go together henceforth. You wanna guess?
Errrmmm…🤔 You’re sweating already, so let me help you.
Two words that must go together from now on are; Cruise and VIBES!🎼
If you got it right, YOU ARE A LION!!
Anyways, have you seen Life on a beat before? That’s what the New Video released by HG2Filmworks showcases.
Music, Lifestyle, Fashion and Entertainment all wrapped up in one video. Then you begin to wonder what HG2 is all about…
Simply put, The HONOURABLE is only trying to remind you that LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!😍
So, don’t let where you are at the moment hold you down.
There’s life inside life. Cheeee!!
Although, not exactly a music video…It is basically cruise and VIBES because the beauty of a GOOD LIFE was demonstrated in the 4min 36secs video.
If you’re one of those hoping to japa from Nigeria, you need to watch this video over and again so that your spirit can leave your body and travel abroad to a place where LIFE IS GOOD.
Don’t worry about your body. When PEOPLE TRY TO PUT YOU DOWN (6ft) your spirit will reconnect TO RUN.
If you don’t wanna be one of the FAKE PEOPLE in town, hurry now to YouTube (The HG2 Family) to enjoy cruise and VIBES🎼
Oya Keep moving…

Temileyi Adeniji

A creative Content Writer and Social Media/PR personnel.
Even though Temileyi is a certified Banking & Finance graduate from University of Benin, She discovered her passion for creative Arts and TV/Radio Presentation in 2013 and ever since then, she has been pursuing her passion with focus which has made her a sought after Creative.

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