Bus Stories >>> Thrift Collector

You see that Obalende motor garàge? It is full of different kinds of people on a different mission.You gotta stay woke when taking that route in Lagos.I remember how my phone was gently removed from my pocket back then and how I


A day in the life of a Lagosian.

Lagos, Center of Excellence, the city that never sleeps, The city that is known as Nigeria’s Paris. Everyone want to live in Lagos, they want to taste it, to know what it’s like to be a lagosian. No one knows how hard


BUS STORIES >> A Name or A Landmark

On this Particular day, I was heading to McCarthy street at Obalende in Lagos Nigeria, I’d been instructed to get to Oshodi and then board Obalende bus. So when I got to Oshodi, there were no buses at the bus garage, but