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What do you think this is? A camera lens?
Nah! I’ll show you

This “lens-look” was created out of a plastic bottle and the flick of my smartphone camera at sunset.

The creative power of man and his abilities is underrated. It used to be a belief that only 10% of a man’s brain power is being used, but now, it won’t be a crime to call this a myth. With the level of creativity and innovation that man keeps coming up with, it’s unfair to conclude that only 10% of the brain has been used.
Well, I digressed, so let’s get back to the subject being discussed……

One of the latest trends in the world of creativity is Mobile Photography. This is a landmark that has come to stay.
All with the small gadget in your hands, a lot of magic can be created from the lens of the camera. What is a smartphone without a good camera anyways!?

One of my favourite photographers said, “A photographer doesn’t need the best of cameras to create the best image.” A better camera is definitely not equal to becoming a better photographer. A smartphone photographer can do way better than a DSLR photographer if he knows his way and open up his creative abilities. The best camera is the one that is always with you and because of its light weight and ability to fit in your pocket, a smartphone camera is an “on the go” camera for taking precious moments and beautiful places.
Photography goes beyond taking pictures; it also involves enjoying the process. A lot of people consider photography as a competition and they are always under pressure about taking good pictures. Such people won’t be able to express their creativity completely. If you want to improve in your creative journey, start by enjoying the process.

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